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Dr. Richard (Dick) Lloyd's Buy and Sell Used Equipment Forum

Dr. Richard (Dick) Lloyd's Buy and Sell Used Equipment Forum

URL: Buy and Sell Used Equipment Forum


Specialist Forum for private buying and selling of used Rife equipment.

Those that want to buy and sell Rife-related equipment need such websites, as ebay and co often refuse such listings.

There are two free places for this, Dick Lloyd's little forum and the Classified Ads section of the Rife Forum.

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Rife Forum Section
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Rife Shop ReviewDr. Richard Lloyd is a trusted well-known advocate of Rife methods and he runs the website This website was setup to help people buy and sell used equipment and the forum is restricted to that one use.

We suggest looking for used equipment both on this forum and the respective section of the Rife Forum. Trying to buy or sell Rife equipment on eBay is often difficult as they often forbid such sales.

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