Dr. Richard (Dick) Lloyd's Rife-list

Dr. Richard (Dick) Lloyd's Rife-list

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Discussion of Rife inspired and other variable or fixed frequency therapies. Includes devices, protocols, and anecdotes regarding such research. This IS the rife-list that was founded by Gary Hawkins in 1996 and later transferred to Bob Howard then on to Richard Lloyd on March 14, 2004.

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Rife Shop ReviewThe oldest Internet Rife community is the "Rife-List", that was originally started on eskimo.com by Gary Hawkins back in September 1996. This list focused primarily on the technical issues of building a Rife device and was often way too technical for beginners in the field.

Gary Hawkins handed the Rife-List over to Bob Howard in January 2000 and the list was also moved to topica.com where it stayed until July 2001 when the list then moved over to Yahoogroups. Two further lists were started by Bob to help sort the range of topics being posted: rife-alt-health, and alt-health-devices - both lists are no longer available.

In July 2002, the Rife-list made a further move to holman.net, using the "mailman" list server software. Holman.net was run by Jimmy Holman, who was also a vendor for Rife technology. At this point, the Rife-list had about 700 members. Unfortunately, moving to holman.net did not work out as the members did not like the new system and there were a number of technical problems. Bob officially closed the Holman.net forum on July 27, 2002 due to problems with some members, yet he unofficially continued the Rife-list with a vastly reduced membership of about 200 members where all messages were moderated. Bob finally closed the holman.net Rife-list in October 2003 when the list merged with the Rife-List, restarted by Dr. Dick Lloyd. Bob finally retired from moderating in March 2004.
Bob took his role very seriously and worked hard to keep his "Rife-list" on track which often brought him both criticism and praise. Bob got a reputation of running his list rigidly and moderating all the posts which did a lot to maintain high quality posts, yet was not appreciated by all, unfortunately.

Dr. Richard Loyd, Ph.D. started a new "Rife-list" Yahoogroup on September 22, 2002, which ran in parallel to Bob's now small list on holmann.net. This caused some confusion at first and led to complaints that this new list was interfering with Bob's list that he had been running for so long. To stop the confusion, the Rife-list Yahoogroup was closed in February 2003.
In May 2003, Bob's list on holman.net finally crashed and Richard Lloyd invited Bob to take over moderation of his Rife-list on Yahoogroups. Bob ran the group until March 2004 when he finally decided to retire from the Rife community and passed on moderation of the Rife-list back to Richard Lloyd, who is still running it today with 2777 members in April 2017.

While the Rife-List is the longest running Rife community by name, all archives of the list prior to September 22, 2002 are no longer available online, due to the switching of platforms. The current list is a treasure trove of information, well worth looking at. The longest continuously running Rife group is the Rife YahooGroup that started on September 11, 1999.

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