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Rife Shop Links Directory

Add your website to our links directory.

Add your website to our links directory.

Does your Website Qualify?

This website is primarily for linking to Rife and resonance therapy related websites where such non-commercial websites can be linked to free-of-charge. If you have such a website, and it is not already listed, please sign in and suggest it or send us an email with details. We will then add your website to the queue and add it as time is available. 

If you have a Rife-related commercial website, we ask for some kind of reciprocity agreement. Either you pay our advertising rates, arrange some kind of affiliate link with us or provide us with some video, report, etc. that we can use as a bonus for our members. We are open for a range of ideas so simply contact us. We also expect you to link back to this website as well, as that helps our respective websites to be better found.

We also accept link-requests from other alternative health related websites at our discretion. If they are non-commercial, such links are free provided you also provide a reciprical link back to this website. Commercial websites can either order a paid listing or arrange an affilite link. Thank-you for your interest.


Why you should list your website on this website

With a growing environment of search engines and social media companies changing their algorythms to make it harder to find alternative medicine websites including shadow banning and censorship, so that only mainstream websites are found, it has become vital for us to improve links between ourselves and work together, if our websites are to be found in future. 

That is why the concept of a common Links Directory for the Rife community is so important. The Rife Forum is the principle place where users, practicioners, patients and suppliers meet on a regular basis to freely discuss the use of such therapies. The user base is well defined and of a high quality and the information available is first class. This Rife Shop Links Directory is designed to unite those that need to find Rife information and devices, with those that provide such services. 

A basic listing is free, so no excuse for not linking up. We offer a range of upgrades that enable you to stand out from the others. The funds are used to help us fund the Rife Forum, this Links Directory, and associated research work. We have kept the charges low enough (from $10/month) that everyone who runs a commercial website can afford them. Normal prices for such links are often up to $500 a month.


Getting Started!

Before starting, check your website qualifies (see above) and make sure you have a good screenshot of your website. It should be 1080 pixels wide and about 900 pixels high and saved in .jpg format. 

First, register an account on this links website (your Rife Forum login will NOT work here).

Click on the Add Listing button, at the top of the page, and fill in the form as you want it - a basic listing is always free, yet we reserve the right to edit of refuse any such listings, particually if they are not relevant to the Rife community in any way (for example, no advertising accepted for certain blue pills, etc.)

The admin will then check the listing and approve it, if suitable. Once approved, you should consider having your website displayed more prominently on the links directory. You can apply for Premium and Sponsored listing that will make your website appear more prominently on the first page. There are additional perks for signing up for a year - see the above table.

The most prominent advertising is our rotating banner, at the top of the page. You can send us your own image (1600x400) or we will make it for you.

Those that pay for 6 or 12 months in advance, will receive additional perks including your own forum section (if you do not already have one) and free forum premium membership as well. 

Alternatively, an affilite link setup could be made where you only pay for links from us that generate sales. There are lots of ways of working together.

We realize that some companies might have legal problems paying for advertising on a site that discusses health issues. There are other options available, so please contact us directly to discuss what works for you. 


Special Introductory Offer!

Sign up for a 12 month Premium or Sponsored Subscription, and we will extend the first subscription for another three months - that is 3 months extra free listings!

Click on the table (top left of page) to see our price structure and examples.
Note: Sales within Europe are subject to 19% sales tax.


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