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Rife Professional Rife Machine, Version 2 - Pad Device

Rife Professional Rife Machine, Version 2 - Pad Device



Rife Pad Device claimed to be made in Germany.

The website markets an attractive looking pad device at a reasonable price range.
The website provides background information and claims to manufacture it in Berlin, Germany. It references Royal Rife, providing a lot of historical information (not all accurate). Very little information is given of the units themselves. No specifications, manual, etc. These can be found on their sister website
Despite being made in Germany, the units do not work in German and I could not find a German website.
The units do not have medCE certification, needed in Europe to be used as a medical device.

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Smartphone-FriendlyNo (Incompatible)
MaintainedCurrent and working (Best)
Secure Websitehttp only, asks for personal information (Insecure)
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