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Longest continuously running Rife community, run by Peter Walker

This Rife Group is for all those who wish to discuss the treatment, invented by Royal Raymond Rife, that uses resonance frequencies to treat a wide range of diseases. The Rife treatment is best known for the treatment of everything from Flu to Cancer and arthritis. In this group, they discuss suitable Rife equipment, user's experiences, frequencies and reactions as well as the related microscope technology. It has been started to provide a general forum to those interested in the subject and those seeking help. They discourage highly technical discussions and encourage the free exchange of ideas and experiences.

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Rife Shop ReviewPeter Walker (who also runs and The Rife Forum) was a member of the original Rife-list, under Gary Hawkins, and noticed that the discussions were mainly way to technical for those seeking more general help on the Rife method of treatment. He therefore started his own "non-technical" Rife group on back in September 1999. After a slow start, the list picked up in April 2001 as more and more members moved over to the Rife group from Bob's original list. With every move of the Rife-list, Peter's Rife group gained more and more members. In early 2000, onelist was taken over by egroups which was itself taken over by Yahoo in early 2001 to form Yahoogroups, as it is still known today. However, these provider changes made no difference to the group which has been running continuously since September 1999 as one group. Although Peter later started The Rife Forum, he decided to continue his Rife YahooGroup which has since expanded to be the largest Rife YahooGroup and is still active, today with 3845 members in April 2017.

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