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Plans for a homemade frequency generator

Website discussing how to build a frequency generator.

Some one had asked me to research this subject on personal and private healing methodologies. Here’s what I discovered: Back in the 1920’s, a man named Dr. Royal Rife was looking for a cure for cancer. He found that he needed to invent a new light source for his microscope just to see the live cancer cells he was able to grow. He found out that there are two viruses responsible. He called them the BX and BY viruses, now known as Carcinoma and Sonoma. Once he could see the live cells, he could look for a way to kill them. He tried all sorts of methods but stumbled across frequencies. He found that when he exposed them to certain frequencies of a low energy electro-magnetic field, they would disintegrate. The claims are that he then “cured” many people of cancer and other diseases and tried to make the public aware of his findings through the AMA who criticized him and would not validate his research. He fought with the leaders of the AMA for many years and sometime in the 50’s died while in the hospital under “suspicious circumstances”. There is a book entitled “The Cancer Cure that Worked!” (ISBN: 0-919951-30-9) that tells his story.

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Rife Shop ReviewThis website discusses a private project to build a frequency generator for Clark and Rife devices. It provides schematics and a few pages of information and the author has informed us that he has added more information on his website. It lists a few frequencies and a few technical comments. Could be of interest to those looking into an alternative way of finding or making a pad device. This website may be of interest to the technically minded DIY enthusiast and the advanced used looking for infos.

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