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Bio-Frequency-Center in Germany

Bio-Frequency-Center in Germany



Distributes popular "Rife devices" in Europe

This is now the main distributor of the VEGET Med, Stream and Harmony (the successor to the popular BW21 and BW77) frequency generator units that have full medCE certification and have sold hundreds of thousands of units in Europe, mainly through health practitioners. The new series have added Tesla-Coils and some even uncut diamonds to improve the effectiveness and penetration of the frequency therapy.
The Veget Stream is the basic unit that will most likely be prescribed to patients.
The Veget Med adds uncut diamonds into the circuit to shield the patient from unwanted EM radiation.
The Veget Harmony has the features of the Med plus the "Harmony" program known from the BW21 Golden Harmony.
The website is entirely in German, but they offer a Google translation system, on the top right, that does a reasonably good translation.

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Rife Shop ReviewThe Bio-Frequenz-Center (Bio-Frequency Center) is run by the German natural health practitioner Peter Schmalzl. He offers a range of the new Veget series of units, that replace the successful BW21/BW77 series that sold in their thousands in Europe. It should be noted that the new Veget units cannot run the programs on the ChipCards made for the BW21/BW77, although existing cards can be upgraded to work in the new units.
Peter Schmalzl is notable for having run clinical trials for Lyme disease (Borreliose) and knows his equipment and therapies well. This is now the prime location to buy ChipCards for those that still use the BW21/BW77 units and the new Vegat units. He tells me that he will also take the older units in part-exchange when upgrading to the new units.

His English is reasonable, but not perfect and his website is only in German (with translation tools). This can make it more difficult for non-German speakers to navigate his website, which is nethertheless a good place to obtain "Rife" like devices in Europe.
It should be noted that the old BW series and the new Vetat series are fully medCE (European FDA) certified, which means that doctors, clinics and even hospitals throughout the EU can legally use these to treat patients. Patients with private health insurance can even get the cost of the units covered, when prescribed by a medical doctor.
When buying resonance therapy units in Europe, it is important to check that they are fully medCE (not just CE) certified.
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